“MAVERICKS WANTED” – (but not really)


“Mavericks Wanted” – (but not really)

Whether you call them mavericks, heretics, misfits, activists, linchpins, innovators, or wildcards – you can be sure – they’ll make their presence felt.

They’ll question and challenge authority, rules, the status quo, their job description, your processes, your products and services, your business model, your haircut – and just about anything else that you may, or may not hold sacred. They don’t like being told what to do, they’ll probably rebel at any attempt to be controlled or put into a box, and there’s a high chance they’ll get bored and leave quickly if they don’t feel they have room to move, explore, experiment, and create..

They’ll also probably find solutions to significant problems that you didn’t even know you had, be the source of new value and revenue streams, and do themselves out of a job by doing it differently, smarter and faster.

Who in their right mind would hire them? You? Are you really that brave, that courageous? (more…)