Who Are You?

post-it-note-art-e1320927062673While others were enjoying a long weekend I decided it was time to renovate. Time to renovate my business, my life, and myself. My kitchen wall now looks like it’s the victim of an explosion in a Post It Note factory, so maybe it qualifies as a home renovation as well. As I was going through the process, I found myself pondering on the question of

how can the changes we want to make in life and business, be made as simple as moving a Post It note from one place to another, adding a new one, or deleting an old?”



The Power of “I Don’t Know”

businesswoman with question marksThere are three little words that are often hidden away – afraid to be exposed to the light of day. They’re easy to say, hard to admit, and immensely powerful. These potentially magical words are quite simply – “I don’t know”.


Free Personality Test – Jung (MBTI Style)

Personality profiling helps you to understand how you’re wired up – how you think, make decisions and approach the world around you. Your own personality profile will help you understand why you communicate better with some people than with others, why some jobs seem more appealing to you, and why you approach relationships of all kinds the way you do. When you apply this understanding it will empower you to be more effective, happy, and build stronger and healthier relationships.

To discover your own personality profile you could start with something such as this free personality test. After answering 108 multiple choice questions – where there are no rights or wrongs – you’ll be given a four letter result such as ENTJ, or ISFP.

Once you have your result we recommend you visit a site such as 16 Personalities or Personality Desk and learn more about your profile. If you don’t think it fits you, take a look at the other profiles and see which one you think may be a better fit. Sometimes it pays to share your results with someone who knows you really well, as you may have some blind spots and a different perspective may be useful. Consider the results more as a guide than an absolute – an indication of styles and preferences, and not a box to lock yourself or others in. Remember that ultimately we are all unique.

Personality profiling is also powerful in a group or team context to help you chose the best people for the job and team, as a personal development tool, and to understand and improve team dynamics and communication. If you’d like to explore team dynamics more thoroughly, take a look at Team Dynamic Profiler and the free demo for the smart leader app which we think is pretty cool.