Month: February 2015

What Will It Take? Apathy is a Symptom, Not a Cause

apathyEven with “great” practices, processes and programmes – over half of all change initiatives fail, fewer than 23% of the workforce are “engaged” in their work, and workplace stress and overwhelm is at an all-time high. What will it take to create a real shift, and see the changes you want to see?


Who Are You?

post-it-note-art-e1320927062673While others were enjoying a long weekend I decided it was time to renovate. Time to renovate my business, my life, and myself. My kitchen wall now looks like it’s the victim of an explosion in a Post It Note factory, so maybe it qualifies as a home renovation as well. As I was going through the process, I found myself pondering on the question of

how can the changes we want to make in life and business, be made as simple as moving a Post It note from one place to another, adding a new one, or deleting an old?”